Thursday, 12 July 2007

UNKLE return after four years

Almost ten years on from his revered "Psyence Fiction" set, dance producer James Lavelle has confirmed details for his third studio album under the UNKLE moniker.

"War Stories" is being released July 24th in North America through Lavelle's Surrender All imprint, and will again feature a number of big-name guest vocalists. Ian Astbury features on the album's first single "Burn My Shadow", as well as "When Things Explode", while Queen Of The Stone Age's frontman Josh Homme pops up on "Rentless".

Indie band Duke Spirit contribute to "May Dax", Autolux is guesting on "Versions & Machinery", Massive Attack's 3-D can be heard on "Twilight" and rock bassist Jeordie White and Nada Surf's Matthew Caws also contribute.

UNKLE tours this summer across European and Japanese festivals before heading to the U.S. for a full band tour.

Together livens up Turnmills

Six live sets are on the bill at the next Together bash in London. Stephan Bodzin, Para One and Christopher Just plug in at Turnmills at the end of the month.

The night will be the launch of Together's new live space DiscoTechNo, which is actually just a fancy name for room two. Headlining will be trancey electro don Stephan Bodzin, who'll perform cuts from his latest album 'Liebe ist...', white gloves and all. Also plugging in will be fellow Germans Christopher "I'm a disco dancer" Just and Markus Lange.

Room one will be a noisy one too with Frenchmen David Guetta doing his party house/electro thing on the decks alongside Para One, who'll amp it up with a live set, and Together residents Justin Robertson and Anil Chawla. Over in room three, XFM’s John Kennedy is back with his usual barrage of bands and DJs. Look out for live performances from indie crews The Teenagers and the Shakes as well as DJ sets by Jamie Reynolds from the Klaxons and the ubiquitous Modular DJs.

Upstairs, Buttoned Down Disco promoters make their debut with trendy-named DJs such as Tits of Death, Dollyrocker and They Came from the Stars, I saw Them making the selections. London five piece XX Teens also put down their guitars for the night and have a stab on the turntables.

Soma Coma

Glasgow’s Soma Records are generally known for their futuristic techno and underground house. But that’s not the full story, as their latest compilation, ‘Soma Coma’ — out now — demonstrates.

Focusing on downbeat, electronica and ambience, with a smidgeon of Detroit techno and hip-hop for good measure, ‘Soma Coma’ compiles tracks for the head rather than the feet. Label head honchos Slam contribute two tracks, one a more ambient effort (‘This Is’), and the second, ‘Bright Lights Fading’, a neon-lit cyborg soul missive, augmented by the lush larynx of Billie Ray Martin.

Alex Smoke’s melancholic ‘Don’t See the Point’ is reshaped by connoisseur of all things deep, Henrik Schwarz, who transforms the track into a weird but devastating amalgam of subtle dancehall bounce and abstract jazz piano, before taking off into four/four territory. The result is a seriously lush dose of goodness that you need in your life.

The finest moment is perhaps Silicone Soul’s ‘Burning Sands’, an impossibly dramatic, filmic panorama of smouldering electroid atmospherics and subtle electric guitar. Evoking the old school computer game soundtrack ‘Shadowrun’, (for all you geeks out there!), this is epic material.

Maas’ ‘Look At Me Now, Falling’ gets the remix treatment from Mass Zoyd + Prairie, who bring the original into lazy, psyche funk territory, all humping bass and Rhodes keyboard licks. The whole compilation stands as one of the very best collections of this kind of music — like a modern version of Warp’s ‘Artificial Intelligence’ series but with its own cohesive identity. Highly recommended.

ClubClass return to Ministry

ClubClass have manged to drag superstar residents Nic Fanciulli and Paul Woolford away from the sunny shores of the white isle for thier only date in London this summer.

Taking a breather from thier Ibiza summer residency at the infamous ‘We Love’ parties at Space, the duo will join forces and descend on London’s Minisrty of Sound on Saturday 14th August for what looks to be mammoth night.

Joining them in the main room will be 20/20 Vision’s Belgian export Spirit Catcher, who will be performing a special full live set for your listening pleasure and up and coming man of the moment Deadmau5, who will be making the long journey from Canada for his UK debut.

Breakpoint are at the helm in the bar area and will be offering up a delectable platter of electro tinged beats. Joining residents Marc Hughes and Mark fanciulli will be Southern Fried beatsmith Cagedbaby and Nag Nag Nag’s queen of clubs, Jo Jo De Freq.

If that’s still not wetted your whistle, then the Baby Box will be hosted by High Tide of boat party fame, who will be making a rare venture onto dry land especially for the occasion. While the Babyshake crew will be rocking the Lounge area, so expect breaks of the phattest variety.

The club will be open from 11:00pm to 7:00am and tickets are priced at 15 pounds in advance.

Robyn - With Every Heartbeat

Robyn’s New single is called With Every Heartbeat and due for release on July 30th 2007. Many have already given With Every Heartbeat stunning reviews, it’s goose bumps and shivers record, this stunning single is set to make your heart beat a lot faster this summer.

It’s a weeping, sad break-up ballad full of regret. It’s also one of the most euphoric dance-pop tracks that you’ll hear all year, complete with a beautiful string breakdown and fuzzed out keyboards.

I have it on good authority that there is a new updated video out there for 2007. But for now, enjoy the original.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Adam Freeland - Global Underground 32: Mexico City

Adam Freeland is the DJ, label-head, and producer most often noted for the fusion of breakbeat and techno, also termed "nu-skool breaks." Therefore, I expected to hear a bit of breakbeat tradition when I inserted the Mexico City CDs into my player! After all, Freeland began DJing in 1991, originally mixing deep house and later drum 'n' bass. His remixing credits include the Orb, Headrillaz, Orbital, Deejay Punk-Roc, and Dylan Rhymes. So, if you're like me and are expecting an out-and-out breaks mix, then don't get your hopes up! Fortunately, the mix rocks in other ways, so hold on to your dance engines!!

Adam Freeland is at the forefront of a new sound, "drone step," a genre that is growing rapidly across the US, UK, and Europe, and that's roughly characterized as tripped-out rock music with a dancefloor attitude. Imagine swirling walls of hypnotic guitar enhanced with club beats! To some it's likened to shoegazing on ecstasy, owing to the likes of My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive, as it does the chemically induced tones of current electronica inherited from the rave scene. Frankly I imagined a combination of Boards of Canada meets Richie Hawtin.

Thus, this release represents an evolution and turning point in the Global Underground series; similar to the time of the release of Deep Dish's Moscow mix, which took the series in a more progressive direction. Progressive is accurate of Freeland's choice of sounds here, relying heavily on simple trance beat structures, distorted noise patterns, and a plethora of novel sounds. It will probably make a lot of new fans for the label, but it will also lose a lot of those who are used to the former Global Underground sound.

This double-disc production features tracks and remixes from Gui Boratto, 120 Days, Spacemen 3, James Holden, Super Discount, Mr. Oizo, Justice, Fujiya & Miyagi, Para One, and Andrew Weatherall, among many others. My favorites started with the first track kicking it off - a totally raw analogue synth number – Faze Action's "In The Trees." I assume that I had to love Mr. Oizo's track, "Half an Edit," a totally wacky diversion into techno change-ups and splicing. Then Adam Freeland's "Silverlake Pills" provided some good old-fashioned electro-rock! On disc one, there are about six songs that perfectly roll together in a post-techno-frenzy. Starting with Jape's "Floating," then "Disco Sux" by Beauty School, "37" by Oliver Huntemann, "Phantom" by Justice, "Deadly Weapons" by Minimal Compact, and "Bump" by Spank Rock, Freeland connects chaos together like a completed jigsaw puzzle.

On disc two I favored 120 Days' "Come Out" with its strong male vocals, Gui Boratto's remix of "Terminal" with its winding synthesizers and James Holden's eerie doll-esque (Chucky meets Toy Story) haunted voices. Concluding the master mix is Mylo's "Paris" with its Beck-like tones and finally Adam Freeland's own "Self Indulgent Ending," a dark rock number.
Brazen, buzzing, saw wave synths provide an "in your face" opening that suggests Freeland doesn't particularly care what his listeners will THINK of this mix. The bottom dance line is that he throws that strong trance beat to underlay these obnoxious juicy analogue music lines, and the result is something totally different, new, and a bit sinister. Let the squeaking begin!! Perhaps, only for the headstrong!

iiO - Reconstruction Time: the Best of iiO Remixed

Unless you have been hiding under a rock or been absent from a club for the past few years, there is no way that you haven't heard the seductive sounds of iiO. Their songs have become such massive hits and have spawned so many remixes and received enough airplay that you would almost believe they were hellbent on conquering the dance world. Even though their hits have experienced such great longevity on the charts, iiO as a group haven't fared as well with the departure of Nadia Ali, whose seductive voice gave the songs its alluring appeal, for a solo career. I guess that is why we are seeing a greatest hits CD coming out so early in their career and that CD is Reconstruction Time: the Best of iiO Remixed.

Reconstruction Time is a mixture of new remixes of their greatest hits and the addition of a megamix and two bonus tracks. These aren't as strong as their original hits, and the CD might have been stronger with a couple of alternate remixes, but the tracks still amuse nonetheless. The remixes on Reconstruction Time are, for the most, part minimal techno/trance takes on the originals and will feel fresh since most of the mixes are not the standard ones we have heard over the past few years.

They often dispense with the harmonic progression and instrumentation of the originals, making the tracks all the more hypnotic. This approach works very well with most of the tracks, while their hit "Rapture," which is reworked for 2007 by Starkillers(aka Nick Terranova), is injected with a fusion of house to created a totally new version of this massive hit that will definitely be a staple on the dance floor. Unfortunately though, this does not pay off with the megamix by Markus Moser(one of half of iiO). This mix never seems to have a certain flow or consistency, plus the mix never really motivates me or builds any momentum... the music is downplayed too much to really be considered a true megamix.

While the remixes of the bigger hits are a great listen, the most unique part of this CD is the remix treatment of several former album-only tracks such as "Chastity," "Tantric," and the very explosive and funky mix of "Be It," which are less known.

While most of the remixes are great fun and will be an extra delight to true iiO fans, I still appreciate the older remixes somewhat more because they take the great vibe that is already present in the original iiO version and crank it up a notch, while these new remixes seem more relaxed. There is one remix on here though that is absolutely amazing and it's the last bonus track on the CD- the Recon remix of the gem "Smooth." This remix strips everything away and uses the sheer seductive power of Ali's voice to draw you in with an acoustic vibe with just a trace of music in the background. It's such a beautiful version of the song and you definitely get chills listening to it and it illustrates how powerful Ali's vocal abilities are. You can actually close your eyes and just get lost in the moment and feel every word as it flows out.

Overall, this collection of remixes are inspired and definitely fun to listen to but most of the tracks don't really show the full potential of iiO. If you appreciate a more mellow and melancholy version of iiO, then this will definitely be a great CD to have, but if you are looking for more uptempo mixes of their greatest hits, then you might find yourself a bit disappointed even though some of the tracks on the CD are absolutely amazing. Either way, most iiO fans will enjoy something from this CD and will wonder what the future could hold for them.

Kissdafunk Leeds Announces First Ever July Edition

For the first time in its three-year history Kissdafunk Leeds is hosting a July edition. Up until now KDF has always taken a summer sabbatical so fans can recharge their batteries; but due to unprecedented demand, this year the team is running an extra party at Mission on Friday 27th July.

Taking centre stage alongside The Trophy Twins (Radio One) & Rob Tissera are KDF deck-wizard, Sonny Wharton and East London dance floor rebels, The Hoxton Whores. Having mixed for everyone from Faithless to Moloko the boys are also no strangers to the Kissdafunk dance-floor.

After a few appearances at KDF Leeds and Kanya last year, the devious duo have also recently returned from playing the second party at KDF’s hugely successful debut club season at El Divino in Ibiza. Since its much talked about Opening Night KDF Ibiza fever has spread across island like wildfire; and is already being touted as one of the best new Balearic nights for 2007.
KDF’s Co Founder Glyn Tolley enthuses; “In past years we’ve always taken a break in July and come back in August Bank Holiday with a no holds barred Bank Holiday extravaganza. This year we’ve had so many people begging us not to take a month off we decided to bite the bullet and do it.”

“ We’ve also got David Guetta returning to headline our extra-special August Bank Holiday party; so with Ibiza as well we’re all going to be kept pretty busy;” adds resident and co-founder Rob Tissera.

Completing the July line-up is Lewis Keykay, Matt Cooper and the gorgeous Kissdafunk girls.

Friday 27th July 2007
Hoxton Whores, Trophy Twins, Rob Tissera, Sonny Wharton, Lewis Keykay, Matt Cooper
Mission, Heaton Court Leeds, LS1£15 /£12/£9 B4 11pm
Dress Code: Debonair Clubwear/10pm till 5am

Juicy Ibiza Mixed by Robbie Rivera

This Music Is Juicy is the fabulous summer soundtrack from Robbie Rivera to celebrate the success of Juicy Ibiza; his weekly Sunday residency on Amnesia’s beautiful terrace.

Containing 22 freshly squeezed tracks from the man himself and a plethora of international artists that support the Juicy Music label, this CD is an exhilarating reflection of the Juicy Ibiza 2007 experience.

Characterized by its pounding big room sexy beats, energetic breakdowns and powerful vocals, Robbie Rivera performs the Juicy sound each week to a 3,000 strong crowd at the legendary Balearic venue. Now everyone who has sampled the amazing energy of at Amnesia; and ones that haven’t, can enjoy a 100% additive free, double-disc smorgasbord of 2007 Ibiza anthems.

The album features a wide range of collaborations from the world’s dynamic producers including Steve Angello, Fedde Le Grand, Dave Spoon, D Ramirez, Richard Dinsdale, Gabriel & Dresden, Mark Knight.

They, or course, rest alongside a plethora of original productions from Robbie Rivera himself. Recent hits Float Away, Insanity and Replay the Night feature together with previously unreleased versions of the Rivera classic ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ and ‘The Shout’. Also making its album debut will be spectacular version on ‘Take On This’; Robbie’s rework of the famous AHA track, ‘Take on Me’.

Juicy Ibiza will run from 8th July to 09th September at Amnesia in San Rafeel, welcoming a raft of big names to its Sunday night shindig including Gabriel & Dresden, Marco V, Robbie Rivera, Coburn, Antoine Clamaran, Willie Morales and many more.

For more info go to;

This is Juicy Will be available to buy from July 08th

1. Robbie Rivera –The Hum Melody (Rivera 2007 Juicy Mix)
2. DJ Inphinity Feat. Mr. Eyez – Just Like a Drug (Robbie Rivera Mix)
3. Superbass – Don’t Be Silent (Dirty South Mix)
4. George Acosta - Behind The Wheel (Robbie Rivera Mix)
5. Robbie Rivera- Float Away (Fonzarelli Mix)
6. Robbie Rivera vs Aha – Take On This (Rivera Dub)
7. Mark Knight & D Ramirez - Colombian Soul
8. Robbie Rivera – Bringing Back The Underground (DMS12 Mix)
9. Willie Morales – Bang Goes The Drum (Tony Arzadon Mix)
10. 68 Beats – Replay The Night (Gabriel & Dresden)
11. Mark Knight & Dave Spoon – Sylo
12. Richard Dinsdale vs Robbie Rivera – Rock It (Oscar G Mix)

Tracklisting CD2
1. Who’s Who – Sexy F&ck (Robbie Rivera Summer Mix)
2. Seduction Feat. MVP – Aye Aye Aye
3. The Factory – Couldn’t Love You More (Fedde Le Grande)
4. Brian Cross –Sunny Rain (Robbie Rivera)
5. Richard Dinsdale – Kiss Me Baby (Dani Masi & Marc Flaque Mix)
6. Mixin Marc Feat. Roxanne – Sexual (Steve Angello)
7. Robbie Rivera – The Shout (DMS12 Mix)
8. 4th Child – Now I Found You (Robbie Rivera Dub)
9. Robbie Rivera – One Eye Shut (Robbie Unreleased Dirty Mix)
10. DMS12 – Electro House (Robbie Rivera Mix)
11. Dustin Ramirez & Allan Ramirez – Insert Coin (Dave Spoon Mix)
12. Robbie Rivera – Insanity (Louie Padilla Mix)

Robbie Rivera - The Hum Melody CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

Yves Larock - Rise up

Data Records continue to prove themselves as the dance label to be reckoned with as they introduce ‘Rise up’ by Yves Larock, the record sure to be crowned soundtrack to the summer of 2007. In the same vein as the massive hits from Funkstar Deluxe ‘Sun in Shining’ and Bob Sinclar’s ‘Love Generation’, one listen instantly stamps sunshine on the brain!

Yves ‘Larock’ Cheminade first came to people’s attention last year after Bob Sinclar signed his record ’Zookey’ to his Africanism imprint. Yves’ music fitted perfectly into the reggae influenced French house sound of the label and after it was picked up in the UK by Defected, ‘Zookey’ became a massive underground anthem.

On ‘Rise Up’, Yves has yet again expertly blended uplifting house and a reggae vocal, this time courtesy of Jaba, who took time out of his busy touring schedule with his band ‘Moonraisers’. With a hook big enough to land Moby Dick, expect Yves’ career to catapult to the next level when ‘Rise Up’ does some serious chart damage come July.

‘Rise Up’s’ massive hit potential was proven when it was added to the Kiss playlist before a release date was even set! It has been given a veritable hammering across their schedule, led in no small part by Steve Smart. The show received so many calls and texts every time ‘Rise Up’ was played, that it was added straight onto the playlist due to the high demand. In turn it has already reached # 5 in the Shazam Tag Chart! Radio 1 support has come in the form of Mr Pete Tong and on top of the UK’s numerous ILR shows and London’s pirate stations it’s soon going to be hard to escape hearing it over the airwaves!

The track peaked at No.2 in the Buzz Chart and No.4 in the Cool Cuts Chart, and is set for the higher echelons of the various Club Charts based on fantastic feedback from tastemaker and mainstream DJs alike.

As the holiday season begins and the White Island beckons, let ‘Rise Up’ carry you right through the Ibiza season to Carnival and beyond. In the meantime, cover your living room floor with sand, grab a drink, pop this on your system and turn it up loud – summer is officially here!

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Superstar DJ — turn it up!

DJ Mark Farina made his name in club music by pioneering downtempo house music, dubbed Mushroom Jazz. But it’s only one style for this spinner: After making his name on house beats in Chicago, he moved to San Francisco just in time to absorb the acid jazz scene and incorporate it into his sound. Now one of the biggest names in house music, he answers a few probing questions about the deep world of house before performing at Samana on Sunday.

You’re unique among DJs in that you’re known for being a master of more than one style. How did that happen?

A lot of it stems from my first time being a clubber. I’d go to a club in the mid ’90s, late ’80s and visit rooms with completely different styles. The A-room was house, and the B-room would be reggae or hip-hop. My first style was a deep-house thing, but later I started to do calm, chill-out rooms with less of a dancefloor focus.

Soon, I started to change and combine the two genres, and mushroom jazz kind of became my alter-ego. It’s the type of music you listen to after the party, on the way home from a club. It just sort of became quite popular from there, but it opens up different world of music to play.

I’ve heard that sometimes you’ll play two rooms at the same party, with different music in each.

It depends on where I’m at — lots of clubs have two rooms where I can make that happen. But it depends on the vibe of a town — some cities like acid jazz, others like mushroom jazz in the main room. I try and stay within the realms that they’ve created for their scene. Sometimes I’ll alternate hour-and-a-half sets in each room, which I’m doing next week in Japan. Other times it’ll be a half-hour break of downtempo between all night playing house. Sometimes I’ll play a really long set in one room of up-tempo or downtempo (music).

Do you know what you plan to rock before you play a gig?

I do and I don’t. I base it on how many times I’ve played (there) before, and what got the crow going. I bring everything with me, but I don’t know where I’m going to go. Depends on what the opener is playing before me. Colorado people are open-tempo — they’re up for most things, so maybe I’ll start early with downtempo and go to house. But I never have a setlist — I play it by ear. I like to try different things and see what people are up for. I’m looking forward to coming out. If people are on the border with dance music and don’t have a lot of electronic influence, this’ll be a good bridge, because my stuff is very organic. Newcomers will like that.

When did you realize you were breaking off your won style?

It wasn’t until I started traveling a bit more. In Chicago you didn’t realize the style was different. Then I came to San Fran and saw all the different styles of electronica — other music and acid jazz in San Fran parties. The type of stuff I played was different from that.

What’s the best way to go from bedroom record collector to DJ?

Practice make a lot of mix CDs. Record yourself, and spend time being a bedroom DJ. Give out lots of CDs. Making tracks can only help — ultimately, you make tracks or you don’t. Find a local club or venue and get a job there. If you know a room you want to play, and you think to yourself, ‘I think I can rock this crowd,’ try and get a regular gig there. Making tracks really helps if you want to be a travel DJ. Another DJ will reccommend you based on your tracks. It’s not so easy anymore — it’s like (making it in) a band. Maybe ten years ago it was easier, but now the market is saturated with kids coming up; you need little extra bits and bobs to get noticed.

You spend 150-200 days doing traveling gigs every year. Where are some of your favorite places to perform?

Auckland is great. London — even though it’s expensive, I still like it. Belgium. Tokyo — Japanese people are really great, I try and get there once or twice a year. Canada is a very hidden gem for clubbing. People really know what’s up up there.

What’s the best and worst part of the jet-set DJ lifestyle?

The best part is the office change every day. I know people in each place that can show me around. Traveling, to me, is better than being a DJ in just one room. The crowd changes everywhere you go. The downs are the usual stuff: getting stuck in airports, losing baggage, getting stuck on the runway or ending up with broken gear.

Jon Sa Trinxa Hits the Beach

Despite the island’s wild reputation, one of the essential Ibiza experiences will always be simply chilling to a selection of laidback, altogether more quirky tunes while horizontal on the beach.

Celebrated beach bar DJ Jon Sa Trinxa is a master of the genre, and his latest Space Tranquil compilation should probably secure him a role working for the Ibiza tourist board as the music just makes you want to be there!

“I’m always a bit nervous at the start of the season,” the Salinas Beach veteran tells us. “The main problem is meeting so many people again and I can’t remember anybodies names!”
When he hasn’t been playing to some of those global fans in Russia, Italy or Switzerland this winter, he’s been holed up in Ibiza, putting together a sublime selection of tunes for the latest in Azuli's range of chilled Space CDs.

“I hate the term ‘chillout DJ’ though”, he says. “I suppose people who only listen to barking mad techno must think anything below 130bpm is ‘chillout’, but I always like to throw all kinds of tracks together.”

It’s certainly much more eclectic than chilled, and with a high proportion of unusual cover versions to keep things strangely familiar and totally blissed out.
“Oh yes, there are always versions,” say Jon. “It defines part of the Balearic sound. Cover versions can be one of two things, they’re either diabolically appalling or they add to the original and bring a different perspective.”

The Tranquil mix is also not afraid to be political, opening with a DJ Day Intro that sets the tone and also featuring one of Jon’s all time favourite tunes in Ollo’s The Lunatics (Have Taken Over the Asylum) with “a message that’s over 20 years old but still relevant,” Jon nods.
Passionate message seem to work well with emotional melodies, even if the listeners are happily dozing off on the beach. But Jon thinks it’s another key ingredient behind the sound. “I like to put some kind of message in there, a bit of attitude,” he says, “otherwise it’s just flippy floppy music.”

The devotees of Sa Trinxa Bar would hate their music to be considered lightweight, and with Jon at the helm again throughout the summer, it should be the spot for those idyllic, totally Balearic if not explicitly chilled musical moments.

Smokin Jo Nude Again

The island’s resident queen of clubs is gearing up for another epic summer of club mayhem, bringing her Nude parties back to the island after last year’s successful events at Space and a few secret beach and villa bashes too.

After having worked, played and ended up living in Ibiza she’s seen her fair share of all things weird and wonderful to inspire her and partner in crime, promoter Terry Hart, to throw some ultra stylish, deep down dirty parties.

“God, I have seen so many mad things over the years, some far too rude to mention!” she laughs. “Last year when we hosted Nude on the Terrace at 'We Love at Space', one of our pole dancers got carried away and decided to tease the crowd by stripping off naked at the top of the pole. Then another dancer – who was not even supposed to be working that night – decided to join her on the pole. It got very heated... and half the crowd stopped dancing to have a look!”
Jo attributes such wild abandon to the power of the island. “For thousands of years it has always been a place people come to dance, if you read up on the history of Ibiza it actually has the nickname "The Island of Dance". It has a special quality and spirit that nowhere else has, so it attracts the free spirited people.”

And with that in mind, her Nude night returns to the island for a suitably sleazy series of afterhours parties running from 7am-1pm at one of Ibiza’s more underground clubs, the venue formerly known as Lucifer’s, now called Prestige, on the waterfront in the Ibiza Town Marina.
Having opened last Friday, expect DJs like Clive Henry, Miss Jools and Jamie Jones joining Jo and her glamorous friends when the next parties takes place on July 13th, August 3rd and 31st plus September 28th.

I’ll also be playing regularly at Space and Made in Italy at Amnesia this summer,” she tells us, “and Nude will host August 26th at We Love, with all our performers and free clothing giveaways. Then will be hosting a series of very secret underground beach/villa/farmhouse parties throughout the summer, these parties I am really looking forward to as the atmosphere and the vibe is just so exciting at these free events. It will be so much fun.”

Ibiza Airport Bomb A Hoax

The evacuation of the airport and controlled explosion of a suspicious package on Saturday have turned out to be a false alarm.

An anonymous caller had made three phone calls, the first around midday, to Gara -- a Basque newspaper -- the DYA (an emergency service) and one of Ibiza´s newspapers. Subsequently security forces searched the airport and discovered a suspicious package, which had gone unmarked by sniffer dogs.

This later turned out to be an empty shoebox in a wastepaper bin in the car park, which was blown up in a controlled explosion. A rucksack was also investigated but found to contain personal possessions.

At the moment there is no definite link to Basque separatist/terror group ETA, but bomb or no bomb, the chaos can be much the same.

The airport was cleared prior to the explosion and The Spanish Airports Authority, AENA says air traffic was halted for some three and a half hours, affecting some 13,000 passengers.

Our reporter on the island, Zoe Glass, says “Flights were landing as normal from late afternoon (judging by the quantity of air traffic going over my house in Figueretes) and when I went down to pick someone up at 1am it was operating absolutely as normal.

“In fact, there wasn't a hint of stress or any sign that anything had happened. Normal security, everyone going about their business. The Ibicencos could certainly teach the Brits a few things about keeping a stiff upper lip...”

Chuck Love Jams with his Parrots

Animal friendly debut on Om Records“I'm always battling the parrots squawking here at the pad,” chuckles Chuck Love lovingly. “So I just have to build in the good bits when they come.”

Love’s philosophical, animal-friendly approach has worked out well for his debut album Bring Enough To Spill Some.

Rather than let his screeching pets put him off his stride, he has managed to build some of their colourful conversation into his project. It’s a wonder he didn’t invite his dogs to guest too – oh, there’s a reason for that.

“The dogs were a little uptight about Matt Darling's trombone when he did the session,” explains Chuck. “But the video of the Oasis of Luxury Wildlife will be coming soon.”

Chuck’s animalistic asides add idiosyncratic charm to his mellifluous and warm debut album, one that celebrates the producer’s chunky house studio talents as well as his skills behind the decks.

Having started out as a musician backing DJs on trumpet, guitar and anything else he could find, Chuck soon found his way around the studio and turntables, and nowadays acts as his own front man while laying down tunes, playing flute, trumpet, guitar, melodica and percussion as well as dropping his own vocals.

Made up of two separate discs, Bring Enough To Spill Some boasts 14 original, edited and re-mastered chunky Chuck cuts on the first set, including collaborations with house siren DeMonica (on Spread The Love), Estaire Godinez (on Bailando), and longtime Twin Cities studio buddy Fourfeet on a handful of others.

Also featured is Love’s dancefloor anthem Back In My Life (featuring Fourfeet on vocals).

Disc two, meanwhile, is full of Love’s finest remixes and a selection of choice cuts, including Andy Caldwell's Warrior, Colette's About Us, and DJ Fluid's Keep On.

“I really wanted to have a definitive collection of what I do for my first LP,” says the Minneapolis based maestro. “Something I could hand someone and say ‘here's what I've been up to for a couple of years’. I wanted to reach a wider audience beyond the DJs that are already familiar with my stuff.”

Tom Middleton's new direction

One of the UK’s most accomplished DJ/producers, Tom Middleton, has conceived a new live music project.

Called Amba, the new band pools Middleton’s production nous and technical wizardry and fuses it with the drums of Andy Gangadeen, Tom Szirtes’ piano, Chris Taylor’s bass and the guitar of Charlie Casey to assemble a spanking new collision between organic instrumentation and electronica.

Their first album, entitled ‘Life Tracks’, will effectively be Tom Middleton’s debut solo long player, and is going to be released on Big Chill Recordings.

This Friday 29th June sees the band’s live debut at London’s National Film Theatre where Amba will perform accompanied by cutting edge VJ/visual artists Ben Mason, a.k.a. Red Dog, and Nick Hillel a.k.a. Yeast. Both are highly accomplished and visionary film makers, having worked in commercial and artistic fields for clients including Back to Basics, Channel 4, Glastonbury, Stop the War Coalition, Fabric, and many more.

Their collaboration is bound to be an audio-visual feast, augmented by DJ sets from Big Chill artists Alucidnation, Pete Lawrence and Leggo Beast in the Film Café. Tickets are priced at £14.75 with concessions just £10.75 (BFI members £1.00 less), and are available from the National Film Theatre website or 020 7633 0274.

The Film Café will be open to Tom Middleton ticket holders only. Make sure you get down to see what all the fuss is about!

Kissy Sell Out Joins Radio One

DJmag favourite and recent cover star Kissy Sell Out has been announced as the latest DJ to join the Radio One DJ roster. Joining their coveted ‘In New DJs We Trust’ slot from 2am-4am on Friday nights to Saturday mornings, Kissy will be playing a selection of electro, rock ‘n’ rave, in rotation every four weeks, with Mistress Da Funk (minimal/electro tech), Kutski (hard dance/hardcore) and Professor Green (hip hop/grime).

His first show will air on 21st July, with Kissy replacing dubstep and grimester Plastician in the hot seat. It’s exciting news for the selector who DJmag has championed from day one. Go Kissy!

Monday, 9 July 2007

Chemical Brothers Snag Fifth U.K. No.1 Album

Dance mainstays the Chemical Brothers scored another U.K. No. 1 album, their fifth, with "We Are the Night" (Virgin). Yesterday's new charts also ushered in an eighth week at the top of the singles survey for "Umbrella" (Def Jam) by Rihanna featuring Jay-Z.

The Chemical Brothers first topped the British album chart in 1997 with "Dig Your Own Hole" and repeated the feat with "Surrender" (1999), "Come With Us" (2002) and 2005's "Push the Button." The new set, which includes the current top 20 hit "Do It Again," leads the chart ahead of the Traveling Wilburys' "Collection" (Rhino/Warner Bros.), which is back up 3-2, and "Time on Earth" (Parlophone) by the regrouped Crowded House, which opened at No. 3. That's the highest U.K. placing for a studio album by the Antipodean group, whose 1996 compilation "Recurring Dream" reached No. 1 in the market.

Body&SOUL is coming to the UK!

Need2Soul, one of Londons top purveyors of soulful grooves are bringing none other than New York clubbing institution Body&SOUL to the big smoke.

For those of you who don’t know, Body&SOUL was started in 1996 as the brainchild of three of house music’s biggest pioneers. Francois K, Joaquin ‘Joe’ Claussell and Danny Krivit joined forces to create a DJ super group of epic proportions. Thier legendary New York parties were at the epicentre of the underground house scene and celebrated dance music in all of it's various forms from afrobeat to disco, jazz to string laden house and beyond.

The trio will be descending on London on the 14th July and will be treating clubbers to a nine hour marathon set covering house music’s past, present and future. To create that original New York vibe Need2Soul have also shipped in original Body&SOUL lighting jock Ariel, who will be mesmerising the crowds with his shimmering light shows for the duration of the night.

The event will take place at the Canvas Warehouse, Kings Cross Freight Depot off York Way, N1 OUZ and will run from 9pm until 6am.

The Return Of Smirnoff & Electric Cabaret

Take one stylish Ibiza hotel, add a handful of unique cabaret acts, mix with DJ sets from UK favourites - The Go! Team and The Doves, and serve with the world’s number one premium vodka – welcome to Smirnoff & the Electric Cabaret™ Experience - Ibiza 2007!

Kick starting the first of its two unique parties on Friday 20 July and Friday 17 August 2007 at Es Vive, Smirnoff will once again be adding a surprising twist to this year’s Ibiza scene.

In the beautiful Es Vive pool, a team of ultra agile synchronised swimmers will support the Smirnoff & the Electric Cabaret troupe of outrageous acts, including: Bruce Air Head; the amazing balloon man, Kalki; the non-stop hula hooping Queen, Timo Wopp; juggler extraordinaire, and Foz; the phenomenal beat-boxer.

Furthermore, guests will be able to party into the night with exclusive DJ sets from UK favourites - The Go! Team, who will be spinning a selection of guitar noise, old skool hip-hop and a few Motown beats thrown in for good measure. Later on in August, The Doves will be flying in with their record boxes stacked to the brim with the latest and greatest in indie rock and alternative beats to complete the eclectic showcase.

Es Vive will also become the true home of summer cocktails. Expert mixologists will be on hand to provide unique Smirnoff cocktails in the newly overhauled Smirnoff & the Electric Cabaret Bar with its dreamy interactive chill out room.

In addition to the spectacular cabaret events Smirnoff announces its official bar sponsorship at Ibiza’s oldest & respected club Pacha, at Friday night’s ‘Pure Pacha’ with Pete Tong.

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sharam : The Ibiza Summer 2007 Interview

Sharam, of Deep Dish fame, is one of this year's DJs who will perform with Pete Tong during his Pure Pacha residency. Sharam will play Pure Pacha on July 27 with Cedric Gervais.

What does Ibiza mean to you? can you tell us about your first experience of Ibiza? was it very different to your Ibiza visits now?
Ibiza is like an extended WMC in Miami where you get to see and listen to may of your peers. It sets the tone for the rest of the year as far as the big records and we have always used it as a springboard to break and promote new songs.

What have you got planned for your set at pure pacha?
I can never tell before hand. My sets change every night depending on the crowd. Having said that, I have some new tracks that I will be playing all summer long, along with a lot of new music from Yoshitoshi.

Name your top tips for Ibiza (places to go, eat, drink etc)
My top tip is to make sure you get a lot of sleep before you arrive to Ibiza. Things can easily get out of hand over there. As for drinks Blue Marlin is very nice and Sa Cappela has great food.

What is special about playing Pure Pacha?
Last couple of years I had a night off on friday and went to see Pete at Pure Pacha and both times it was a great vibe. Pete was very impressive, so I am excited to play with him this year.

What’s your favourite Pure Pacha memory?
Nic Fanciulli, Behrouz and myself went to see Pete couple of years ago, and ended up drinking couple of bottles of Hierbas between us, it was shot after shot after shot... At one point we were all in the booth and behrouz was so excited that he was jumping up and down smacking pete on is back pretty hard... we are all on the floor laughing at the craziness. We were all super trashed that night.

Finally, what else are you up to at the moment?
I just finished recording new vocals for my new single The One with Daniel Bedingfield, which should be coming out late summer as well as another single called Be The Change with Anousheh Khalili. I am also putting the final touches on my new album for release at the end of the year which includes some interesting and exiting collaborations to be named later.

David Guetta Drops LOVE IS GONE On the States

Gone" is the first single off David Guetta's 2007 album "Pop Life". The single has seen lots of exposure via Radio 1 DJs Pete Tong and Eddie Halliwell for several months. The single and album will be released in the US in June 2007 (exact date depends on where you shop it seems). The song is classic Guetta, pop electro vocal house with a touch of ingenuity to satisfy the underground highbrow.

It has a big sound, catchy bass/synth interaction with a memorable hook. With that formula, the single (and the greater album) will go far in the states. The original is very good, but Eddie Thoneick pushes it over the top with his remix work.

Global Gathering granted permanent license

One of the UK’s biggest dance music festivals has been granted a permanent license so it can be enjoyed year after year after year after year.......and so on.

This year's line up boasts a massive array of artists performing across the weekend, including Calvin Harris, Basement Jaxx, 2manyDJs, Carl Cox, Erick Morillo plus many more.All of the usual attractions will be there such as bungee jumping, outdoor cinema and the chill out village. This year however there are several exciting new additions, including hot air balloon rides and a rather fun sounding adult playground.For those amongst you who just can’t live without a hot shower and don’t fancy roughing it for the weekend, there are luxurious but premium priced Cloud 9 camping and Seventh Heaven hotel packages. The weekender will be taking place at Long Marston Airfield, Stratford Upon Avon from Friday 27th - 28th July.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Sex On Substance

Something new and exciting at Ministry of Sound this July as three ‘irrepressible mixologists’ - Demi, Desyn Masiello and Omid 16B bring their acclaimed SOS party to our infamous main room on Saturday the 21st July 2007.

6 hands, endless decks, even more music and no egos. Sex On Substance (SOS) is an uber-cool DJ alliance comprised by 3 friends (Demi, Desyn & Omid16B), drawing inspiration from their rich musical heritage, and direction from their beloved Deeper Substance and Sexonwax music labels - SOS was born of a desire to create synergy.

Individually, Demi, Desyn and Omid have already excelled in the realms of electronic/house music, however, sometimes three heads beat one, and six hands better then two! With a common goal to move people, the innovative triad exist in an exciting digital era when live remixing, personal edits and inimitable shows all allow for differentiation - and this is where the dazzling SOS trailblazers shine with their icy-hot approach to DJing in the 21st century – their sound was built for our system! Joining in on the SOS action, and making his main room is Luke Fair

Over in the Bar ‘Chew the Fat’s’ inscrutable master of the breakbeat Lee Coombs plans to journey through the spectrum of Breaks and electro, joined by rising star Filthy Rich, and Ministry’s H*O*T*T*E*S*T new resident Richard Dinsdale ready to work the hell outa the dance floor with their dirty jackin electro beats.

Twisted Audio provide an underground alternative in the Baby Box, showcasing the finest subversive talent around, and upstairs Kiss FM return to host the Lounge Bar.

BOX: (SOS 5 hr set):
Desyn Masiello, Demi &Omid 16B
Luke Fair

Lee Coombs
Richard Dinsdale
Filthy Rich

BABY BOX: (Twisted Audio)
KazellAndy Newland
Sarah Rodin & Warren Mooney
Carwyn Butcher
Tom Duncan

Ministry Of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP
11PM – 7AM
£15 in advance/£10 Members/NUS

ClubClass – Fanciulli & Wooly return to Ministry

On Saturday 14th July ClubClass returns to Ministry for their fourth party in the Big Smoke of 2007. Taking things back to basics, ClubClass welcome their superstar residents Nic Fanciulli and Paul Woolford to Ministry for their first joint appearance in almost ten months!! And whilst these two maintain their residencies for We Love… at Space in Ibiza, this is the only opportunity to catch them together in the UK this summer!!

Joining Nic and Wooly will be the sublime house of one of the world’s freshest and most in demand house acts Spiritcatcher, continuing ClubClass’ dedication to live electronic music with a full live show. Completing the main room lineup is Deadmau5, who flies in from Canada to make his UK debut. With an awesome production portfolio and incredible skills we know this is one debut you won’t forget in a hurry. For more info on Deadmau5 check out

In the bar Breakpoint (excuse the pun) breaks from its trademark breakbeat sounds to delve into the world of all things electro. Breakpoint resident Mark Fanciulli will be joined by Ministry resident Marc Hughes and Bugged Out! and Nag Nag resident Jo Jo De Freq, without doubt one of the hottest rising talents we’ve come across in a long time and Norman Cook’s partner in crime Cagedbaby. He takes time out from his busy festival schedule to play a very rare Ministry set full of spangley electro beats!

And if The Box and Bar aren’t enough to wet your appetites High Tide return to Ministry, hosting the Baby Box for their first party on dry land this summer, and in the lounge we welcome Babyshake making their London debut, expect the freshest nu skool breaks from eight kick arse DJs.

Another splendid line-up from the ClubClas crew!!!!


Open from 11.00pm – 7.00amEntry: £15 advancedNearest Tube: Elephant & Castle

Underwater Vs Ovum

Josh Wink is to play The End for the first time in four years.. Joining Underwater head Darren Emerson, two of dance music’s legends go ‘head to head’ to stand and deliver the best house and techno all night long.

Josh Wink, owner and artist of seminal Philly label Ovum Recordings since 1994 and behind influential releases including ‘Don’t Laugh’, ‘Higher State of Consciousness’, ‘Are You There’, ‘How Is Your Evening So Far?’, ‘516 Acid’ and more recently his ‘Thick Like Thieves’ release on Poker Flat - as well as recent remixes for Radio Slave and SomeOne Else (to name a few), has not played alongside Darren Emerson for Underwater at The End for four years. So get ready.

Wink plays Underwater for an Underwater versus Ovum special before his six week residency at Circo Loco at DC10 in Ibiza begins from 30th July to 3rd September.. Also forthcoming in September expect a new compilation from Wink’s label Ovum, featuring the best Ovum releases from its 13 year existence, entitled ‘Ovum:Evolve’
The AKA is hosted by Sancho Panza.

Pure Sessions : July’s Peach At Heaven

London’s most iconic night returns to Heaven on Friday July 27th with the full intention of having it large.

Peach, one of the biggest legends in recent clubbing history, exploded back onto the scene in May. The faithful and those newly acquainted have been far from disappointed with the list of DJs paraded in front of them for their dance floor pleasure.

So far this year we’ve seen Mark Norman, Aly & Fila, Tillman Urhmacher, John O’ Callaghan, Abel Ramos and Darren Pearce grace the decks alongside the man himself, Graham Gold. For July, they’ve upped the ante even further with a world-class line-up that should have the Peachy Ravers beside themselves.

Needing absolutely no introduction whatsoever (unless you’ve had your head under a stone for the past two decades) is one of the undisputed kings of global trance. John ‘00’ Fleming draws crowds of thousands whether he’s playing in South America, North America, Asia or in Europe. He flies in for this exclusive UK gig with some of the most deliciously twisted psy-trance and tech-trance music money can buy.

Joining him on the main stage is Thomas Bronzwaer. A favourite of Paul Van Dyk, Armin, Eddie Halliwell and Sander Van Doorn to mention but a few, his latest track Constellation has been causing tidal waves throughout the trance community and there are hundreds, if not thousands of UK fans who will be begging for the chance to see this hot to trot new generation producer in all his glory.

The hottest export from Russia since chilli-flavoured vodka, Bobina makes us UK debut and is another one who’s been picked up by all the major names. With his trademark ‘Lazy World’ sound he’s definitely a man to catch on the way up, and what better place to catch him than Heaven’s legendary main room?

In the House Arena, Luke Brancaccio of Brancaccio & Aisher fame (who can forget the manic rush for Lovely Day?)lines up against fellow heavyweight Darren Pearce for what will surely be one of those occasions when it ‘goes off’.Rico & Tomo from Hey Gorgeous join in to prove they’re more than just a pair of pretty faces.

Finally, the room where you’re lucky if you can make it inside – the Peach Classics Room. Since the night restarted,it’s been packed from start to finish with tunes that take you back in time and hundreds of smiling faces with their handsin the air. If you were there when it all began or you simply want to know where your dance floor came from, this iswithout a doubt the one for you.

All in all, it’s another fine Peachy affair. With word growing as each event goes by, the buzz around town is that Peach is back, bigger and better than ever before. To get your ticket, log on to now. There are 100 early bird tickets at just £12 before going to up £14 for advance. £16 is the price on the door on the night but DSI members can log on and add themselves to the paying guest list for £14. Plus if you’re NUS or a Peach member, it’s just £12 before midnight. Doors open at 10pm.

Pure Sessions Presents: Peach At Heaven – Friday July 27th, 10pm – 6amHeaven, Underneath The Arches, Villiers Street, London WC2N 6NG
Trance Arena:John ‘00’ Fleming, Thomas Bronzwaer, Bobina (UK debut), Graham Gold, Dave Irvine, Pele

House Arena:Luke Brancaccio (Suicide Sports Club), Darren Pearce, Rico & Tomo (Hey Gorgeous)

Classics Room:Dave Lambert, Tristan D, Davie Irvine, Pele
Tickets: 100 Early Birds at £12, normal Advance at £14, £16 on the door.All tickets from or log onto DSI and add yourself to the paying guest list of £14.NUS and Peach members £12 before midnight.

All info: 0845 837 3242 or

Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Silent Glasto Disco!!

Pete Tong Back At Ministry Of Sound

The undisputed voice of Dance Music and all round nice guy Pete Tong returns to Ministry of Sound on Saturday the 7th July for his exclusive London residency, taking to the decks for a marathon 5 hour set. Ministry resident Mark Knight steps up for the last two, closing the Box with another of his legendary dark and driving sets, jam packed with exclusives and re-edits.

Over in the Bar the boys from MYNC Project - Mark Younghead & Nic Corelli put their skillful use of 4 decks, 2 mixers and 2 EFX units to the test, joined by MOS legend Jazzy M, and Australia’s hottest export DJ/Producer/Remixer Dirty South - known for his dirty, chunky electro sound. Remixes from this in demand artist include: Fedde Le Grand, Roger Sanchez, Depeche Mode, Cicada, T-Funk and Chris Lake…

LMP are back to host the Baby Box, and upstairs in the Lounge Bar Ministry of Sound Radio presents ‘The Meltdown’ with Ross Allen and Dave Vega.

Welcome one and all to this wonderful land!!

Ministry Of Sound, 103 Gaunt Street, London, SE1 6DP
11PM – 7AM
£15 in advance/£10 Members/NUS

Alibi vs. Rockefeller - Sexual Healing

Alibi vs Rockefeller - Sexual Healing Remix

A production duo from Brighton, The Alibi are close friends of the Freemasons, and in keeping with the tradition of dance acts from Brighton, have named themselves after a well known Brighton bar.

After recording their version of Marvin Gaye’s 1982 classic ‘Sexual Healing’, they discovered that by pure coincidence Rockefeller (Beatfreakz) had just made a version using exactly the same vocal. So it was decided they would team up and the resulting track from these two chart topping artists has already made it to No. 1 in the Music Week Cool Cuts Chart and was riding high in the DMC Update Buzz Chart.

With support from Pete Tong, Scott Mills, Kiss FM, Galaxy, the Hed Kandi boys, Herd & Fitz through to the Hoxton Whores this track is building up to be a summer anthem. Alibi Vs Rockefeller bring this classic track bang up to date and ensure this will be a classic for decades to come, with a killer remix package.

Remixes come from the Beatfreakz who first came to fame with the Michael Jackson cover “Somebody’s Watching Me” then followed by the massive “Superfreak” – they are joined by the Grammy nominated Freemasons who have been dominating the UK’s club scene with their monsters “Love On My Mind” / “Watching” and recently “Rain Love Down” – the act are also responsible for the huge Beyonce & Shakira “Beautiful Liar” remixes currently dominating the clubs.

Also featuring on the remix front is ErickE who recently made his debut into the UK single chart with his “The Beat Is Rockin” and last but not least are the Dennis Christopher remixes…… The remixes really don’t come much better!!!!

Quivver - Dar Rooms

A chunky electronic groove punctuated with Quivver’s characteristic hooks, ‘Dancing In Dark Rooms’ is a stunning return. The likes of Sasha, Sander Kleinenberg, Dave Seaman, Jimmy Van M, Digweed, Nick Warren, and others are already heavily supporting the single. In radio-land, Pete Tong was first on board, giving the track its first airing on his ‘In New Music We Trust Show’ on Radio 1, and expect many more specialist shows to follow suit following the imminent club mailout.

With a fanbase that stretches around the globe, John Graham aka Quivver, Space Manoeuvres, Stoneproof, Skanna, and Tilt needs little introduction. His productions have been a staple of the world’s leading DJs for over a decade. A leading producer, DJ, and vocalist, John’s performed at clubs and events ranging from Glastonbury, Live 8 (in front of 300,000 people with Planet Funk), and the Olympics through to Glade, Ultra, Extrema, Turnmills, Twilo (his residency with Lawler and DJ Three), and Pacha, Ibiza.

While he’s a man of many guises, one constant runs through all his work: high-end electronic music. John is currently touring and collaborating with Hybrid, having contributed his song-writing skills and vocals to their recent album, ‘I Choose Noise’. Fresh from the Australian festival season, and a 10-date tour of the US, the band will be headlining the Glade festival and playing Glastonbury.

‘Dancing In Dark Rooms’ is the 15th release on John’s Boz Boz label, an imprint with a solid reputation and a magnet for global lovers of underground club music. Alongside the lead vocal version is a Quivver dub, and on remix duty are rising techno star Boris Brejcha, Jim Rivers, and Kenny Shifter & Andy Carvell.


Pete Tong and Sarah Main Pure Pacha Album 2007

Pete Tong’s Pure Pacha party is now into its 5th year. With record-breaking numbers and exceptional guests Pure Pacha retains its title as the king of elegant and debauched partying. With a beautiful ‘extended family’ of like minded people at play every Friday night and always to the soundtrack of edgy house music, eclectic soul and hip hop - Pure Pacha is where it’s at.

What better way to mark this celebration of summer than with the next instalment of the Pure Pacha album mixed by Pete Tong and Sarah Main. An eclectic offering as Pete goes straight into things with Antenna’s ‘Camino Del Sol’, a deeply hypnotic, bleep-laden track hotly followed by Pete’s cut of the summer ‘Every Heartbeat’ by Kleepup with vocals from Robyn. Producer de jour Mark Ronson also features with his smash ‘Stop Me’. Pete’s own production with Paul Harris and Jay P ‘Wonderland’ is on there - the best example of a tribute to all that is trippy and techy if ever there was one; it sits neatly alongside James Zabiela and Nic Fanciulli’s One+One offering ‘No Pressure’, with its beautifully crafted strings and atmospheric break down this makes for one unforgettable mix.

Sarah starts with an altogether funkier groove. Carl Kennedy’s ‘Ride the Storm’ and Nu Frequency ‘Love Sick’ tick all the boxes. Then dipping her toe into a more 4am sound with Magik Johnson’s ‘Eastern Lights’, before returning to her disco-fuelled Studio 54 fantasy in the form of Beginerz ‘Ape Stalking’. It draws to a close with a new track from the legendary Billie Ray Martin - ‘Undisco Me’. It does exactly what it says on the tin, an acid fringed track, it makes for one epic ending.

Confirmed guests for the 2007 Pure Pacha parties include Groove Armada, F*ck Me I’m Famous with David Guetta, Alex Neri and some special Il Muretto parties amongst others. Pete is excited to announce a much-anticipated date with the ultra talented Trentmoller on September 14th.

Pure Pacha is also renowned for its imaginative artwork and poster campaigns. This year the relationship with Christian Audigier is extended as Pete and Christian have created something very special around the theme of classic playing cards, poker and tattoos! This artwork has been continued to the CD.

1. Antenna - Camino Del Soul
2. Ben Westbeach – Hang Around
3. Robyn feat. Kleerup - HeartBeat
4. Pryda – Armed
5. John Julius Knight – The Cut
6. Fragmente – Transistor Radio
7. Eyerer & Chopstick – Make my Day
8. Kaskade – Sorry
9. Mark Ronson – Stop Me
10. Deep Flexicon – Emotion
11. The Swedes – Get Dumb
12. Alex Kidd & Chloe - Afterblaster
13. Pete Tong, Paul Harris & Jay P – Wonderland
14. One+One (James Zabiela & Nic Fanciulli) – ‘No Pressure’Blake – Rock Over You
15. Steve Angello & Sebastian Ingrosso – Umbrella

1. WVP feat. Cem – You
2. Carl Kennedy – Ride the Storm
3. Nu Frequency – Love Sick
4. Magik Johnson – Eastern Lights
5. Scratch Massive – Shining in my Vain
6. Beginerz -Ape Stalking
7. John Jacobson – I Love You
8. LXR Vs Andrea Doria – Freak Me
9. Sarah Main vs Cardinal Richelieu – One For All
10. TV Rock Vs The Duke of Windsor – The Others
11. Axwel – I Found You
12. Ercola – Follow Me
13. Richard Gray – Tainted Bass
14. Black Mamba – The Duck
15. Bush 2 Bush – Jungle Love
16. Billy Ray Martin – Indisco Me